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Companion Animal Healthcare

Total Pet Healthcare Provider

Breezytail Group is redefining pet health by providing pet parents a  better way to take care of their companion animals.


Our Value


We believe the power of nature and continually learn and make the best use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. Our genuine confidence in nature, and cared for our family’s health made us trawl the world’s natural ingredients.  We think carefully about all the ingredient we use - where it's from, what its benefits are.


We drew heavily on its background in science. After years of rigorous research and thorough preparation of veterinarians and other professionals from many different areas, We've weighted and mixed countless trial formulations for better quality without making any compromise. We are unrelenting in delivering you the highest quality products we can offer.


At Breezytail, we place a strong emphasis on community, diversity, companimal rights and the environment. Particularly, commitment to helping companimal is intrinsic to Breezytail’s. We eat, sleep and breathe our love toward companimal. It’s in our DNA. We committed our company and our staff to the objective of "making the world where all companimals are respected and treated with love and compassion.

Our Commitment


Made with Nature

We enthusiastically source the finest natural materials the earth has to offer. 


Against Cruelty

We strive to set an example for the responsibility of caring animals. 



Our approach at Breezytail has always been an honest and sincere attitude. 


Growing the good, together

An important part of being in business to improve lives means taking good care of the place we all call home, and we’re committed to doing our part. 

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