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Our Commitments


Striving Towards An Ever More Responsible & Sustainable Business Model

Our commitments focus on three key areas - the planet, the people, our products – with multiple initiatives and day-to-day actions to achieve our goals. Because we committed to do everything in our power to be exemplary.


Made with Nature

We enthusiastically source the finest natural materials the earth has to offer. At Breezytail, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of companion animal products.. 


Against Cruelty

We avoid any form of cruelty towards animals and being a cruelty-free brand is a core of our mission. We strive to set an example for the responsibility of caring animals. 



Our approach at Breezytail has always been an honest and sincere attitude. We, at Breezytail, believe in full transparency when it comes to the ingredients we put in our products. 

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