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Breezytail Blooming

The Best At-Home Professional Pet Beauty Solution

A Lux Experience at Home

Born in Seoul, Breezytail Blooming pioneered and recreated professional products for home use. Check out the secrets of top-notch groomers and recreate them at home.

Easy Breezy!

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Breezytail Grooming is a leading at-home pet beauty brand offering a wide range of skin & coat care and spa products for all dog types. Thanks to years of research and innovation, Breezytail Blooming presents a complete range of highly advanced pet beauty products. 

The Art of Styling: Top Stylist Spills Her Secrets

The world’s leading pet beauty brand, Breezytail Blooming, helps replicate the best grooming techniques at home. The brand adopts a care-first philosophy that extends beyond its products to care for all dog types.

#1 At-Home
Pet Beauty Brand in Korea

Breezytail Blooming advanced its research has challenged convention. Constantly pioneering in the art of pet styling, the brand innovated shampoo, conditioner, styling mist spray, and spa products. Powered by science in alliance with the professional expertise of the best pet stylists: Breezytail Blooming provides high-performing, specialized, and luxurious pet care solutions.


Breezytail Names Audrey Kim, an Award-winning Pet Stylist, Global Ambbassador.

Audrey Kim is one of the groomer world’s superstars.  Among her favorite go-tos are Breezytail’s volumizing mist, a gentle spray that help to complete her dog styling, and the Blooming Bubble Spa, which is enriched with witch hazel and Lipacide UG PDS and leaves dogs' curls bouncy and supersoft.


 “I am thrilled to be a new Global Ambassador for Breezytail – an iconic brand the professional groomers have loved. As a groomer, I’m enjoying discovering the Breezytail of today, especially because their products are all good for companion animals! But Breezytail Blooming is more than just pet beauty products – I am proud to be a part of a brand that is aspired by nowadays' groomers. I am also deeply honored to be the first ambassador representing the brand globally." said Audrey.

Audrey Kim

Breezytail Global Ambassador

KKF Competition Judge '15-'20

FCI Intl. Dog Show Champion '18-'19

Breezytail Grooming is an at-home pet grooming brand.  Our mission is to improve the beauty of companion animals. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise:

Breezytail Grooming has, and will always, pioneer the future of pet beauty care.

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