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Pure and Simple

Pet food as it should be.

We understand that every member of your family deserves the best natural nutrition to enjoy a happy, healthy life. Petsoban is committed to providing nutritious meals for your pets made with the highest quality of natural ingredients.

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Our Philosophy

Good Food to Companion Animals

We set out on a mission to revolutionize the way all companion animals are fed by making fresh, natural food. We believe we can make truly good food for our companion animals while being a force for good. We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We do all we can to deliver the freshest, healthiest pet food there is.

We strive to always source ingredients as locally as possible while getting our companion animals all the nutrition they need. W
e set out to create fresh and healthy food for pets. Food that’s closer to its natural state, that’s delicious to eat, and makes it easier for pets to digest vital nutrients. 


Quality Eats

Quality that starts with nature's superpower


Our Ingredients

To Petsoban, ingredients make for higher-quality food that is healthier and more delicious. That's why our thoughtfully selected ingredients worldwide, and go straight into our recipes. The only ingredients we’re interested in are the best ingredients we can source. 

Because Petsoban is made with high meat content and fresh ingredients, it is highly palatable. In other words, it’s not only healthy, but it also’s delicious too and often the meal of choice for converting picky eaters.

Petsoban carefully selects high-quality ingredients. The brand offers lower in carbs and high in meat content, which is easier for dogs and cats to breakdown, helping them to maintain a healthy
weight and gain muscle mass.

Our Kitchens have higher standards than some people food manufacturers do. Petsoban Kitchens are met with global and local standards. We proudly keep the new level of safety and quality standard. The gentle cooking process helps to kill off harmful bacteria, but doesn’t over-cook the healthy nutrients our pets need.



Anything for Companion Animals

Found from the desire to nourish one companion animal,  Petsoban has made it our mission to support little ones worldwide. 


Our Philosophy

Petsoban was founded on the ambition to give companion animals the best food with a full of nature superpower. That's why our work doesn't stop at nutrition. We care deeply about where our natural ingredients come from.


as possible

We care passionately about ingredients. We believe that pet food should be enjoyable and provide the nutrition the bodies need. Pet food should provide health and energy and be a delight to the senses. At Petsoban, we seek to provide companion animals with foods full of natural superpower, which is wholesome, natural, and a pleasure to eat. We are committed to producing the highest quality products and abide by our food philosophy to ensure complete integrity in our promise of "Pet food as it should be".


as possible

We believe that the food your companion animals eat directly influences your health and wellbeing. Much of the pet food available today is badly processed, often containing non-human-grade ingredients. As we are a company devoted to producing quality pet food products that contribute to the health and wellbeing of companion animals,  we only use human-grade ingredients and enthusiastically source fresh ingredients possible.



At Petsoban, we place a strong emphasis on community, diversity, animal rights, and the environment. We love our animals and animal welfare has always been very important to us. Petsoban is committed to promoting the welfare of animals. We strive to set an example for the responsibility of caring for animals. Our commitment to loving and caring for animals reaches far and wide.


Billions of

sobans served

Making the Very Best for Companion Animals

Premium Pet Food

Petsoban has been redefining the premium pet food market. We are proud to lead the way in natural high meat nutrition – delivering your pet the natural energy to truly thrive and enjoy every moment of every day.

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