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    Giving Back


Striving Towards An Ever More Responsible & Sustainable Business Model

Our commitments focus on three key areas - the planet, the people, our products – with multiple initiatives and day-to-day actions to achieve our goals. Because we committed to do everything in our power to be exemplary.

Companimal's Well-being


It is our vision to live in a world where all companimals are respected and treated with love and compassion. Breezytail supports NGOs as a coalition brought together to help the abandoned companimals from the street. Together we would like to promote respect and humane treatments of all companimals.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Awareness

True to our longstanding mission, we have supported initiatives to help preserve and protect our shared environment. From our minimal packaging that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also reduces plastic waste, to our ECO-LOVE Campaign, we strive to minimise the waste we put back into the world while inspiring our customers to consume responsibly.

One Step Further

Rescue & Adoption Center

Many dogs and cats are abandoned and from the constant threat of euthanasia in animal shelters. We believe that we are committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of companimals, especially those in need. We want to contribute to this. Hence, we are supporting numerous animal shelters and local rescue centres. Our goal is to challenge meanness and cruelty to create a support system for an abandoned or misplaced Companimals in our community.

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