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PetO'Cera is committed to making dermatological skin & coat care by partnering with veterinarians from the development to the recommendation of companimal skin & coat care products. 


100% Recommended!
“GREAT product Worked REALLY well! My kitty likes to play watere, got dry paws and have dry skins. Fells really rough. I got this cream and used it once, it worked so well! Already nice and soft! This cream has absolutely 0 smell. Seems natural and my kitty licked it and he seems totally ine and cream still worked. Definitely recommended!”
“Used this product for my 2 years old Scottish Fold whose paws got sore. The scabby portion of her pads is gone. Worked like magic. So relieved and happy! I like the fact that they are disclosing all ingredients because cats can lick it off as soon as it's applied. I also like this stuff has hardly any smell. This was definitely needed for my little one's pads, and I highly recommend this to other cat lovers. I've also purchased their cat shampoo and loved it too!”
Licked safe!
“My cat Lucy, is always licking the balms off whenever I applied it on her paws which makes me looking for safer products. Unfortunately, only a handful of companies are doing a full ingredient disclosure. I've purchased this after my thorough research of finding the safest and effective skincare product for Lucy. I've been using it for two weeks, and I am absolutely happy with it. Because it is absorbed very fast, Lucy doesn't try to lick it off as much as other products”
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